⛑ Healthcare

For the employee, we reimburse 100% of a Gold medical plan, along with dental and vision coverage. We do this via Gusto's small group health insurance plan. The insurer made available through the plan is currently Anthem / Blue Cross for Medical, and Guardian for Dental / Vision.

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In addition, we cover 60% of the same coverage (Gold medical plan + dental / vision) for dependents.

In our experience, this is above-market for an early stage company (most mid-stage companies do 100% + 50%, and only late-stage / public companies with 1,000+ employees cover a higher percentage). We want our people to be happy and healthy 🙂. We'll continue to make benefits more generous as we grow and mature as a company, as well.


We offer three group health care plans through Anthem / Blue Cross.

Waiting period

1st of the next month, on / immediately following hire date

Company contribution

Your company contributes separately to employees' and dependents' premiums.

Dental and Vision

For dental and vision, we use Guardian 1500 with Child Ortho (UCR) and Guardian 20/20/150, 12/24. For additional details and signup instructions, see the attached pdf below.

Employee Materials Dental and Vision.pdf